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Provide GAP funding for children from lesser privileged families to support treatment

Extend services to remote areas for children requiring diagnostic testing and guidance for proper medical treatment

Leverage advanced technology in medicine to support promotion of primary healthcare for children

Provide education for medical, nursing, paramedical and technical staff, as well as the general public.


Praanam Children’s Foundation was created with the aim of medically assisting children from the underprivileged sections of our society

Often times, a lifetime of carefully planned family savings can vanish when a child suffers from prolonged treatment for illnesses resulting in enduring financial difficulties

At Praanam, with your generous help we aspire to make a difference for these challenged families

Diseases in children affecting major organs of their bodies are complicated requiring careful diagnosis and sustained treatment for successful outcomes.

Often times surgery is required and for a child undergoing surgery of their major organs and systems, procedures are painstakingly delicate requiring superior facilities and outstanding skills.

The cost for surgery and treatment for such cases can be prohibitive for the economically challenged. Hospital stays are prolonged and often, midway through the treatment, the child’s family is financially exhausted and cannot continue supporting the child’s treatment !

Disease Spectra in Children


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