1. How can I help a child in need ?

Please contact Praanam Children’s Foundation by sending email to infopraanam@gmail.com and state your interest in helping our charitable mission.

2. Is my contribution tax exempt ?

Yes, it is tax exempt for anyone filing Indian income tax returns. We will provide you with the tax exemption code when we receive your contribution either by cheque, demand draft, cash, credit card, etc.

3. How will I know if my contribution is being used ?

We will provide you with the name and medical summary of the child being supported with your donation. We will also include a photograph of the child (with parental consent) and are welcome to visit Lotus Children’s Hospital to meet the child.

With your permission, we may contact you for further donations should that become necessary when the child’s treatment gets extended to ensure complete treatment

4. How do I donate now ?

A cheque or demand draft written out in the name of ‘Praanam Children’s Foundation’ is all that is needed to partake in this mission. We also accept major credit cards and cash as well.

Banking regulations require a photocopy of your photo identification such as your driver’s license, PAN card, passport photo page or other government photo identification issued.

Donations may also be made in the following foreign currencies: US, Canadian, and Australian Dollars, British Pound Sterling, and Euros.

5. Other than gap funding for less fortunate patients, in what other avenues can I help?

Patient care is only one objective of our foundation. In partnership with you,
1) We can extend our services to remote regions of the state with underdeveloped healthcare services.
2) Leverage advanced technology in medicine to support promotion of primary healthcare for children in underserved areas.
3) Provide education/training to healthcare professionals who can in-turn provide better care to their patients.

Payment process

  • For Cheque and DD payments

    Cheque or Demand Draft drawn in favour of " Praanam Children's Foundation" , payable at Hyderabad . On the envelope, please write :
    The Managing Trustee, Praanam Children's Foundation

    Our Address

    D. No: 6-2-29, Lakdikapul Road,
    P & T Officers Colony, Chintal,
    Hyderabad, Telangana 500004

  • payment by Credit Card or Cash

    Please visit the Lotus Hospital(Lakdikapul) and meet Dr. V.S.V. Prasad or Dr.Hema who will arrange to receive the payment and issue a receipt.

    Our Address

    D. No: 6-2-29, Lakdikapul Road,
    P & T Officers Colony, Chintal,
    Hyderabad, Telangana 500004

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