Manideep is a one year old boy who was admitted with severe lung infection ( pneumonia ) to the Children's Intensive Care Unit at Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad. The little child was struggling to breathe and was literally in a gasping stage when brought to the Emergency Room. He was rapidly stabilized by the Children's ICU physicians and administered life support treatment with oxygen, intravenous antibiotics and nebulizations.

He improved within two days and at this stage, the father requested discharge of the child while still in the PICU and wanted to take him to a government hospital. He could not bear the cost of ICU care as he was an autorickshaw driver and pleaded to the hospital staff. Realizing that this child would not survive if taken to any other center, Praanam Children's Foundation stepped in and provided financial support to complete the medical care of this infant. The hospital in turn offered to waive off doctors fees and slash the accommodation charges heavily to help the family.

On the sixth day of stay, Manideep made full recovery and was sent home safely. The family was all smiles on 23.10.2017, Praanam Trustee : Dr.V.Hema Prasad, along with the treating PICU physician :Dr.B.Satyanarayana Reddy, Senior Nurse Manager : Rita George wished the child and family well.....