"Praanam children’s foundation, hyderabad donates medicines & essentials for victims of the recent floods in tamil nadu essential medicines for treating water borne diseases and other critical medical products like saline bags, iv.cannulas, etc. Would be despatched to flood effected places of Cuddalore.

Praanam Children’s Foundation – a non profit organization established in 2011, based in Hyderabad and renowned for its gap funding to treat underprivileged children undergoing complex surgical operations & treatments, has today come forward to donate medical essentials for children who have been affected by the recent floods in Tamil Nadu.

Many children have been affected or have the potential of being affected by both water borne and air borne diseases such as diarrhoea, viral fever, malaria, dengue, typhoid etc. Pranaam Children’s Foundation is sending medical essentials like medicines, immunity boosting tablets, milk powders, biscuits and important medical products used in administrating intravenous fluids ( saline bags ), intravenous cannulas are being dispatched for these children in Cuddalore.

Praanam Children’s Foundation has a broad vision for children under three major goals :

1. Supporting underprivileged children with medical needs through funding for major surgical operations or medical treatment for diseases such as cardiac problems, cancer, brain disorders etc.

2. Mass population ( childrens ) screening programmes.

3. Promotion of high quality medical education and research in the field of Pediatrics. Speaking on the occasion of despatching the first batch of medicines & essentials to Cuddalore, Dr VSV Prasad, Co-founder and Trustee, Pranaam Children’s Foundation said "The floods that occurred in some of the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu should be an eye-opener to us as it is a sign of global warming and is a major natural calamity that has showed no mercy on people. We should be responsible citizens and ensure that we are environment-friendly.” He added, “The aftermath of floods is usually dangerous and can be life threatening. Children are most likely to get affected as being at a young and tender age they are less immune to diseases. To counter the danger of catching fever, typhoid, pneumonia, gastroenteritis etc., we are sending medical essentials such as antibiotics, saline and cannula besides nutritional supplements."

"Relief efforts in Chennai are in full swing and medical facilities are better, Cuddalore and its surroundings have been even more badly affected as compared to Chennai and does not have such advanced medical amenities. The supplies contributed by Pranaam Children’s Foundation will be packed in special water-proof containers and despatched to Cuddalore" concluded Dr Prasad.